Destination Services Inc provides timely and reliable curb-to-curb transportation services that connect individuals and families in need with essential services that include employment, education, healthcare, entertainment, family and friends. We treat every client with compassion, respect and the all important

It is the mission of Destination Services to promote equity by helping people receive what they need through transportation accessibility within the catchment of Utah County. The anticipated growth rate for Utah County is 2.70% and this includes families of diverse circumstances, some of which are disadvantaged through loss of employment, refugee status, disability or even transportation limitations.

As a non-profit corporation, Destination Services Inc. focuses on closing the equity gap for minorities, lower income and disadvantaged members of the community so that they receive timely, safe and reliable transportation solutions.

The bigger picture for Destination Services Inc is to break cycles of poverty by promoting equity through transportation accessibility. When individuals and families are unable to access services that promote growth, care, healing, education, and other opportunities, the cycle of poverty is perpetuated.

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Our professional staff are all First Aid and CPR certified. Drivers have completed Defensive Driving Certification and will ensure courteous service, on time pick up and reliable drop off.